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How do I register the program?

After you install the program, run it and click on Register. Then on the Registration form click on the obtain Unlock Code button. This will take you to a form on the Internet to fill out. We will send you the unlock code as soon as we receive the form.  

How do you enter specifications?

In addition to plotting the grain size analysis test results, soil and aggregate specifications can also be shown on the chart. These specifications are typically provided by the department of transportation, design engineer, ASTM, etc.

The program comes with several standard specifications. These specifications are stored in the WinSieve master database. All projects have access to this central database and share the specifications. Additional specifications can be entered and edited by selecting the Specifications submenu of the File menu. The Specifications form will then be displayed.

The form will initially display the first specification in the database. Other specifications can be displayed using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the form. To add a specification click on the Add button to display a blank form.

The following information can be entered for the specifications:

Spec. ID: A unique number or name (up to 100 characters) to use for the specification.
Spec. Name: The name of the specification (up to 255 characters).
Agency: The agency that issued the specification (e.g. ASTM, APWA, FHWA).
Description: A description of the specification (text field no limit on the length).
Sieve No.: The standard number of the sieve as specified in the Sieve Entry menu. Typically, these are the Standard Sieve Openings in Inches and the Standard Sieve Numbers: These numbers are automatically entered when a new specification is created. The sieve numbers that are entered are those specified in the Sieve Sizes form.
Sieve Size: The size of the sieve in millimeters. These numbers are automatically entered, and are specified in the Sieve Sizes form.
Lower Limit: The minimum percentage passing required by the specification that the sample must meet.
Upper Limit: The maximum percentage passing required by the specification that the sample must meet.

The display and formatting of the specification is controlled by the template, and can be adjusted in the Graph Options form.


How do you plot up to 5 grain size curves?

Click on the Plot Results Menu from the Edit Menu, and the Plot Sieve Results form will be displayed. Click on the Select column. When this column is selected a Select button is displayed. To select a sieve analysis to plot press the Select button. A Select Sieve Analysis form will then be displayed.

This form displays the sieve analyses that are in the project. Click on the analyses you want plotted then click okay. The analysis will appear on the Plot Sieve Results menu.


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